Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Lady & the Yorkie


Stockholm, Sweden, winter, sun, snow, walking - I just thought the couple was darn cute.

Anyone who wants to take a wild, or not, guess on who the man in stone they met is?



Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Nope! You will have to tell me :(

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Love the picture with the lady walking her tiny dog in the stillness of a winter's tale.
If I am right this is the famous statue of the Swedish dramatist August Strindberg. I appreciate very much Swedish literature.

Pia K said...

Looks like I didn't have to, Holler, Titania gave the right answer:)

Thanks, Titania! I like it too, they were so cute together, several dogs there but unfortunately I didn't manage to capture any equally nice photos of them all. I'm impressed you knew who the statue was of! Many Swedes, even Stockholmers, are clueless to it. I even think you deserve a price of some sorts...:)

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