Friday, March 27, 2009

Soy Yarn Turned Scarf


It took a wee while longer than expected to turn the soy yarn into a presentable scarf, it took a lot of trial and errors before I could settle for the perfect needle size. Then it turned out I really needed one-two more skeins added to the initial three to get the perfect length/size for me. I settled for using just one of these two, so come autumn I will turn that non-used skein into some kind of headpiece instead (I hope it'll forgive me for the fact that it didn't get to join its siblings in scarf.)

As much as I like the end result, the irregular less than picture perfect shape, the over sized length I adore, my favourite pale grey furry woolly brim, the hues of purple, violet, white (although granted that doesn't show so well in the photos) I will adamantly save it for next winter - I mean it's suppose to be spring for real in a few days, welcome April -, I'm stoically resisting this tempting mix of soy-wool. Really.


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