Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little My & Stinky


Meet me, oops, Stinky, in the morning and me, sorry, Little My, the rest of the day. Neat hand towels from Finnish brand Finlayson.


If you're not familiar with the wonderful Finnish-Swedish stories by Tove Jansson about the Moomins (Mumintrollen), you really should hurry to your bookshop or local library and do something about that flaw because they're truly unique, entertaining, philosophical, thoughtprovoking, sweet, melancholy, endearing and there's at least one quirky eccentric character for everyone to love and relate to.

Lots of good music and especially lyrics accompany the stories, TV-series and movies too, one of my favourite stories and tapes when a child was the Vem ska trösta Knyttet? / Who will comfort Toffle?

Myself I've always been resembled to the Little My (Lilla My) character by my family for some very odd reasons; a fiery, cocky, mischivieous, independent and determined girl in red dress wearing her hair in a bun. I have no idea what they mean(t) with such comparisons. Really.

An since I'm not an early bird riser - I'm just born and bred a late night owl, evenings and nights being my true time of inspiration and unhibited (in moderation of course) behaviour - waking me up too early is asking for an abundance of trouble and grump in Stinky shape. Though naturally always with a much less bad hair day look and smelling of roses.


Every toffle has the right to be angry ~
Varje knytt har rätt att vara ilsket

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