Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Dentist & the Sweet Tooth


Opposite the bakery with the Stockholm super semla you'll find a dentist with an unusually apt looking sign. Alas not the place for my marathon man, but a friend and her family have their dentist there. And for some odd reason - or rather not odd at all - she claims that the proper way to treat oneself after a dentist appointment is to skip over the street for a sugar bun at the bakery.


Sigh, I wish that previous place of post-dentists treats was still around in the vicinity of my teeth guy. Having something nice to look forward to after a bit of dentist hobnobbing - minus the grazing of course - is rather... comforting. But alas, it's a tough world, some of us have less than luck when it comes to the post dentist sweet tooth urges.



Terry said...

Well as long as you carry a tooth brush with you Pia K, what matters if you have a few goodies.
Ha!!!Worse, I think though is not so much harming the teeth but the gaining of weight eating these sweets!!!
Love Terry

Pia K said...

Well, having a bun or a cake now and then shouldn't do any harm if you eat sensible with lots of veggies and excerise too, Terry. Chocolate and sweets is health for the soul you know:)

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