Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Pimp A Netbook


Having become a proud owner of a netbook and being reasonably interested in making her feel safe and mine, all mine in a cute, protective yet by no means overdone blingish way I have been able to

A) find a really lovely netbook sleeve - on Etsy of course, Janine King designs, fabric being purple poppies, isn't it just a grand moodlifting thing?
B) attach a fantastic colour changing mouse to her so I don't have to bother with that ridiculous inbuilt thing - yes I know, to be excited by a colour changing mouse may not be either grown up nor hip, but it really is kind of quite cool...

C) Too make it a perfect protective threesome I'm now looking for a skin to protect the wee thing from all the fingerprints that seem to positively glue themselves to her - yes her and I have named her too, so what.

Preferably I'd like to make a skin (self-adhesive sticker) from one of my own photos, so far I've searched in vain for a company closer to home that offers that. Anyone who has any suggestions where to find netbook skins like that, other than the one company I've already found on the other side of the big pond?

Please note that I'm not interested in pottering with this on my own, I'm looking to upload the designated photo, crop it in a pleasing way, get the job professionally done, the finished and great looking product sent to me for a reasonable price.

Her name is Selma and yes, she'd very much like a protective skin of her own.



Anonymous said...

Can´t exactly tell why, but this notebook sleeve let come up childhood memories... It remind´s me a bit of the wallpaper my grandma used to have in "my room". Not that it looks the same, it just reminds me of it...

Pia K said...

Oh, I know, it kind of reminds me of old aunties dresses and curtains, Tardis, a bit of 60ies vibe to it, in an updated version somehow.

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