Monday, March 23, 2009

Peeping Pongo, the Latex Boy


This boy of a toy is made from very durable latex, hence one loaf in fur hasn't been able to completely smash and grab the squeaker inside this latex boy wonder named Pongo (for obvious reasons) and he has now lived under this roof for over two months. With garden hose exception neither of previously received toys - shoes and boots, blue present, squeaker sandwich, hedgehog, Mr Oink, wee Hippo and some stories never told before that - have reached such a ripe ol' age with their voice or shape intact.


I'm not quite certain what has kept him squeaking for this long, may it be hos over sized head, his ridiculously protruding brown nose or his blue eyeshadow or may it just be the fact that one loafie finds it essential that new and exciting squeaker sounds more appealing than that boring old same squeak again and again and...


Be as that may, with and odd squeak of attention mostly here and not there, Pongo has since some weeks back reached the full gold membership of the terribly multi talented multiplex group of Fierce Creatures & Funky Squeakers. Clearly he knows just how to make an impressive poodle ~



Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Well, well which is the prettiest and most coveted toy here? The one with the attractive chocolate nose might make it...thinks Malte.

Pia K said...

Perhaps that's it, Titania, he's saving him for later. Although he's not well-known for having a patience like that, hm...:)

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