Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bring the Gift of Socks


Since I'm a relentless skirt wearer - 99% out and about with me there's a skirt involved - , I rarely buy or get socks for myself. Unless of course knee socks in boots during winters and such. Hence clearly this post isn't going to revolve around me and my habits, if not me as a gift giver counts.

This post is about socks as in being a great and unpretentious wee gift for most anyone, man or woman, girl or boy. Trouser wearing person of every gender. And nowadays there seem to be a whole lot of lot around of colourful, gorgeous, alluring - well, kind of - socks screaming to be bought as gifts. We all need a splosh of colour in life, happy vibe socks is an easy way to instantly no fuss fix that.

Anyone who wants to hire me as a personal sock - or most anything colourful and/or meaningful really - shopper, I'm all yours in a shopping way.


Poppy Q said...

Well Pia, I am 99.9% about trousers and hardly ever wear a skirt. With autumn approaching I feel the need for socks, but I strictly rotate my fave grey and black merino knee high socks (I have about 20 pairs). Occasionally though I break out the witchy striped pairs for a change.

I hope you get to wear some warm spring skirts soon.

Julie and Poppy Q

Blessings each day said...

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed perusing your blog. It is so lovely and nicely laid out...it makes me want to go "picture hunting" to appreciate all that is around me. The food looks very appetizing also, so it's good that I just ate or I might be tempted to bake something right now.



Sornie said...

It almost isn't fair that women have such bright colors available but us guys have blacks and drab grays (in both socks and clothes in general). I am rather jealous of anyone owning colorful socks like those.

Pia K said...

Oh, more colourful socks to the world, Julie!

Thanks, Macy, for a sweet comment!

These are actually all men's socks, Sornie! I went all starry eyed when I found these colourful socks on display at the men's department at the big department stor ehere in Stockholm, Sweden. Couldn't decide which ones to get as gifts, so I came home with all five. And there were loads of more nicities. The one who look shall find:)

Terry said...

Dear Pia K,
I love your choice of socks.
I love the stripes and the bight colors.
Skirts are so pretty with long socks.
I despise nylons...socks are so much more comfortable and that is all I wear.....none as pretty as these ones here though.
I just bet you look like a sweet high school girl in your skirts and your long socks, Pia K...Love Terry

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, looking a high school girl, I really wouldn't know about that, Terry...;) However I stumbled over a really great US site for wonderful socks (mostly for women) recently and I'm so definitely getting me some of those cuties, they look amazing with skirts...

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