Saturday, October 31, 2009

three seasonal chocolates


~: This post will consist of only treats not a trick in sight :~

The Swedish (or at least it used to be) Marabou chocolate brand - with the lovely and award-winning sculpture park - is probably my favourite brand when it comes to the mass produced kind of chocolate.

When I was a child and my bestest friend and I had a treat it was most always a large bar of plain (nothing plain about it really) Marabou milk chocolate and big glasses of milk (which I for various reasons don't drink anymore, apart from in my tea).

The chocolate has a rather distinct taste, the smooth milk chocolate feels genuine and fresh and the flavour obviously contains a lot of happy memories too.

Apart from the 'plain' classic milk chocolate, Marabou's bars come in many different flavours. My overall favourite is the 'Schweizernöt' (Swiss nut), it's just a perfect mix of smooth milk choc and crunchy hazelnuts. And even if past summer's limited edition of strawberry chocolate was quite lovely, summery and came pretty close to the Swiss nut it didn't completely win me over, or rather it didn't beat the nutty delight.


For this winter season there are three new flavours, one being a limited edition called Vinter (yes, 'Winter' that is), a crunchy crocant version with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, pepper, ginger and vanilla. It's really nice, flavourful and very Christmassy.

The other two are different chocolate cream bars - usually not my favourite, but as I take my Swedish blogger writing in English about Sweden duty seriously I of course had to have a little sample - called Sensation (don't know about that...). Toffee-walnut sounds rather nice, but I found the walnut didn't work too well with the toffee, bit too sweet for me and overall just uninteresting.

The Yoghurt raspberry version was quite lovely though, very raspberry - my definite favourite fruit-berry thing -, rather fresh and not too sweet. This one I can see myself enjoy in the future without feeling the seriousness, weight and duty of blog above.

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