Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the fleeting life of an ornamental tree


Now is obviously the (early) time for the ornamental tree to bloom. It has a sadly fleeting gauzy florescence, but the rest of the season it offers perfect backing for the pretty white flourishing clematis and when autumn falls it's garnished with a plethora of bright orange and red leaves. So it certainly earns its keep.


Other inhabitants of this residence that more than earn their keep are the bobbaloos. As if being the constant source of smile at every sight isn't enough, they are indeed diligent and daring little inspectors of everything great and small.


Today the inspectors on duty were Phalpha and Scarlet. They climbed the dotty bird feeder and it was certainly a perfect place to do some overall garden inspecting. Amongst many things needing a good clearing and/or pampering they spotted the bonus picture of the day,


the lilac in bloom. Too soon. But oh so lovely. Yet another reason for the olfactory senses to hurry up and return, I do set a lot of hope to tomorrow's Dr Feist appointment. I really do. It would be a welcome change to feel more like oneself and the bolster-brain self no more. And not having the urge to blog niggle about it again and again. Now wouldn't that be nice, nice, nice.

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Elephant's Child said...

Yay lilac. Boo and hiss to colds.

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