Friday, May 20, 2011

happy may weekending ~


To sum this past week up, it has been an overall pretty exciting one. Mentally exhausting, too little sleep, but in the strangest way very very energy boosting. A few true highlights (that made the lowpoints not seem all that bad). I'm hoping (touch wood) next week will be even better. To not jinx it, for now I will say no more. And yes, please, more such days and weeks in general would be nice, very nice indeed.

I am now planning an awesome and befitting weekend to match the week that went. Because that is what one undersigned deserve. A selected pair of these adorable bums will travel the seas and abroad for the first time in their woolly lives, and I, I will be their chaperon. Surely that must constitute the height of awesomeness?

Have a lovely weekend, all you well-deserving!


Fuzzy Tales said...

If I'm reading your post correctly, you will be travelling with the bobbaloos this weekend. Sounds fun and I'm sure we'll see some wonderful photos.

I'll knock on wood for you, for next week -- lol.


The Elephant's Child said...

Have a wonderful weekend away, and a better week next week.
But one important question leaps to mind? How can you possibly choose which bobby bums to take?

Anonymous said...

I have been absolutely DYING to buy one of these adorable furry creatures... I can never get in quick enough though! They seem to go almost instantly!

Can I ask how much she sells them for or how you seem to get them so quickly? Or are you just constantly visiting to check? :P

Love from Australia!
• tori • anne •

R2K said...

: )

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