Wednesday, May 18, 2011

instagram statigram


Since this is another day of me being crazy tired - but oh no, in bed yet I am not - this will be another very short post - but meaningless, nah, not on my watch - about a nifty li'l thing regarding one of my most used iPhone apps, Instagram. Which is kind of like Twitter but with pictures only. The beauty of Instagram is that you can snap a picture, use different filters (and tilt shift) or snap publish as is. And that's what I use it for only.

I have to say that I find it completely pointless and ridiculous to publish old photos, upload SLR photos or subject the photo to all sorts of super-magic-photoediting-apps before publishing. For that there are other forums, like Flickr and such.

Instagram is just what the name indicates, instant snaps in the here and now. The built in filter-options are just a nice bonus, to fiddle with sharpness and light is a no-no. And that is the almost natural beauty of it all. Especially for us, in some parts of life if certainly not all, perfectionists that learn to see and accept the beauty in quick, unedited snaps. Because true beauty it is, in many cases if not all.

My Statigram (which is the statistics of Instagram, ah lists, love them, however silly they may seem...) can be found at (also, needless to say, but I'll do it anyway, my Instagram user name, if you care to follow me there. As if the blog isn't enough of me already.)

Like with Twitter I'm not really interested in following as many as possible, or being followed and getting as many "likes" as possible (even if they are appreciated indeed). I like good interaction. In life as well as online. So I like to keep the following to a graspable amount of users.

As seen above, three of my most "liked" photos show cat, semla, Café Lyran and Stockholm City Hall. Which aptly enough are some of my favourite things in life. Instagram style.

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