Tuesday, May 03, 2011

the littlest photographer


Can we decide that it's quite enough as a post today to just show something that's very pleasing to the eye as well as heart?

It might be deemed as serious spoiling of bobbaloos, but really, who in their right mind could resist getting this awesome miniature camera set when some miniature woolly fellas begged for one? And it is after all much more affordable than a slightly larger set for me, myself and I would cost (dream on).

Buddernut immediately assigned himself to no1 photographer. However, I'm not sure Knut and Chubs are pleased with the arrangement. I think there might be cause for something called "sharing". Apparently that's considered a good thing.


I also treated my wrist to a pair of camera lens rubber bracelets. I felt very unselfish doing so, splashing out on a SLR and a bunch of lenses for the bobbaloos, only a pair of very modest bracelets for self. Caring, that's me.



Heidi said...

What the cute! I love all of this! The little critters, the miniature camera and those bracelets are fantastic!


The Elephant's Child said...

BIG smiles.

mangocheeks said...


Kay Masingan said...

they are so cute..

hi, found your blog via blog catalog.

keep on blogging

Becky said...

Where the heck did you find that camera? So cute!

Ali said...

Hi... I am part of the postcards to blogcamp on flickr (although a big slacker part of it) came here from your pic posted in the group!!! love it... will be back to explore often I'm sure. :0)

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