Friday, May 13, 2011

friday the 13th of may


With Blogger being down and out for the last day - and me still waiting for my little lucky number 13-post to be restored - it has made me think (again) of this relying on free services.

And if there really is such a thing as something free of charge.

And if one really would get better, quicker service if one paid a fee (given how non-reliable non-free-of-charge services can be I kind of doubt it, kind of...).

And how addictive (kind of) one has become to blogging regularly. I've toyed with the idea of publishing two posts today. But I find it somehow befitting that in memory of the-day-Blogger-went-down (touch wood), leave an empty space for contemplation. (If anyone cares but me.)

It's also been ages ago since I went on a swing carousel. I remember it as being awesome, tad scary and very liberating. I'm thinking being involuntary out of touch with Blogger have been tad scary, liberating of sorts but not really awesome at all.

Have yourselves a lovely weekend ~


P.K said...

A happy weekend to you! So far Friday the Thirteenth has been a splendid day.

Lola Nova said...

What an amazing looking ride! I was all set to comment on your lucky 13 post but alas blogger wouldn't let me and now everyone seems to be missing their yesterday posts!
I was going to say that it looks like you have a wee addiction to those little critters. Can't blame you, they are too sweet! I love all the adventures they are having and your photos of them!

Have a glorious weekend!

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