Monday, May 09, 2011

monday musings

fröken röd

:: I read an appalling article about the age fixation in the Swedish labour market. "Everyone wants a 35 year old, we have to convince them a 43 year old is at least as appropriate for the job" One reason mentioned in the article is that bosses don't want to hire people with possible more competence than themselves. Oh yes, that I have experienced. Unfortunately I was already working there when I found that out. Lesson learnt.

Once again I'm gobsmacked that employers and HR-people have such little knowledge in social structures and balance, that everyone at a workplace can't and shouldn't be moulded in the same shape, age, background, that it's all about a good blend. That colleagues should complement eachother's pros and cons, learn from eachother. Strive to become better people, strive to make the company a better workplace.

:: The cold refuses to give, I'm so darn tired now, feels like I could sleep 24-7. Appointment with Dr Feist on Wednesday, hopefully that will set things on the right track again.

:: I have laughed a lot at this funny dog video - I've read comments about it being a rip-off, I have no idea if that's true or not, be as that may, for most every dog owner the rate of cognition is high in this wee film clip. And very very smile inducing.

:: I was treated to an afternoon tea on Saturday (kind of because it was my middle-name-day). At a castle - which also made me think about this blog not containing enough castles as lately, that needs redeeming, it really does - some miles south of here. Nice castle, beautiful surroundings, but an afternoon tea that lack cucumber sandwiches (or other decent vegetarian savoury options), strawberry jam, scones and whipped cream (can't stand clotted cream) shouldn't be allowed to call itself afternoon tea. No matter how pretty the display is otherwise. There are times (not many but still) when the only thing to be is conservative. Yes, they did have scones (nice ones) and whipped cream, but the lack of red jam, cucumber sandwiches/vegetarian options and the emphasis on sweet stuff... well, it was unsatisfactory I have to say. But more on this later...

:: I think there are so so SO many things in life I'd like to do, know more about, rekindle with and so forth. But there never seem to be enough time for everything. Plus all the commitments one has (far from everything by free will), that does nothing to improve the amount of free (to explore the things that interest me) time. Sometimes I wish I could be more focused on one thing, one project at a time. But since there are so many interesting, thought (as well as anger) provoking things out there that doesn't seem to be possible for an active intellect.

And then I think about the aptness of "any kind of idiot can live in order, only a true genius master chaos" and try to rest in that thought. Until next time I feel I'm drowning in stuff, thoughts, anger and emotions.

And I think I'll blame Twitter tad for getting me even more information overload.

:: Last week it was snowing. This week summer came to town. Topsyturviness.

:: I have been trying to wear different perky socks every day since too many days recently have been filled with, no better word for it than, crap. I mentioned it in a shoe per diem post and a fellow-shoe-per-diemer replied this "I went through a rough patch at a job once. I found myself buying the most outrageous socks I could find and wearing them to work. It helped and remains one of my secret weapons in the “have-an-awesome-life” tool box." Sorry four outing this, J, but I think it was such a good reminder of the seemingly littlest colourful thing making a big difference in bleak times.


The Elephant's Child said...

It never ceases to amaze me that restaurants can have ONE vegetarian option on their menu and feel that they have done good. No they haven't. And equally, I am tired of vegetable stacks as said option. Rant/whinge over.
Hope your cold thingie improves markedly. They do tend to make the world look a little blah.

Becky said...

I like to wear Christmas socks on hot july days. Get better!

DahnStarr said...

Years ago when I was working in a restaurant I had a table of very tired travelers, about eight, that came in and asked me what our vegetarian items were. Poor things had come into a steak house. We had nothing, absolutly nothing, that I could serve them.

pärlbesatt said...

Oh, i'm fu*ked then, being 45 soon 46... ;) I'll have to start my own business, when back in business...

It's truly scary that things are that way. Agism is just as ugly as other isms.

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