Monday, May 16, 2011

blue-white guest performance


In 1979 the Swedish grocery retail chain Cooperation Federation (Coop) launched their own low price range of food products. The packaging was very simple and distinct style in blue and white. Initially it was a no brand-range but was soon known as just that, Blåvitt (Blue-white).

Back in those days the supplies of different grocery stores/chains in Sweden was very limited and Coop (or Konsum as we knew it then) made a large impact on most Swedes everyday lives. The blue and white range does bring back lots of childhood memories. I have no specific memories about the products being especially good or bad (apart from a kiwi ice cream which was lovely), but I do remember the distinct packaging design.

Coop has now (May 2011) launched a special guest appearance, limited edition, of this range. Six food products and seven other products (like bowls, tins, totes). Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of Coop - in the way I'm no huge fan of any company that grows into a colossus. Or sells meat - but still, we do live nearby a Coop supermarket and do most of our shopping there. Because it's convenient and their supplies of green stuff is alright.

So, as far as childhood memories go, I thought it would be kind of neat to get a couple of bowls and mugs (as it turned out, china made in China...). Plus a big bag of rolled oats and a tin of strawberry jam (I remember having that jam on my Saturday breakfast toasts as a child).

The stuff has been thoroughly inspected, both by paw and by bobbaloo, and possibly tomorrow's breakfast will be a bowl (skål) of oatmeal (havregryn) porridge. And a mug (mugg) of tea. Or a toast with strawberry jam (jordgubbssylt, jordgubbe = strawberry, jam = sylt). A breakfast down childhood memory lane.



P.K said...

Thanks for the Swedish language lesson. It is sad that mugs and bowls have to come from China! I am always trying to buy things not manufactured in China. I like the straight forward design of the product line. We have a similar store called No Frills and their products are in bright yellow packaging with black letters. I very much like the happy little bobbaloos.

pärlbesatt said...

Själv var jag sugen på BRICKA, men avstod ståndaktigt. Nu ångrar jag mig nästan när jag ser dina inköp. Funderade också på om man kunde göra en t-shirt med SPRÅKPOLIS eller nåt annat betecknande för en själv. ;)

pärlbesatt said...

Nu var jag på en annan Coop och föll för SKÅL och T-TRÖJA. Fast jag skulle hellre ha SPRÅKPOLIS istället för T-TRÖJA. :)

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