Monday, May 23, 2011

the strawberry stem gem and other delights


For all the good-looking but pretty useless kitchen gadgets one now and then find a gem. As this nifty li'l thing to remove the stems from strawberries, called "Stem Gem" from Chef'n. I once upon a time confessed to one of my food pet peeves being that little nasty, hard white snuff inside strawberries (apparently they're called stems...) so you can just imagine my very close to teary delight when I realised it actually did. work. as. promised. Oh, where have you been all these years, strawberry stem gem darling??


The gem made the first bowl of strawberries this season even more wonderful than usual. And I love its chubby strawberryish design. I stumbled over it in one favourite kitchen utensils shop in Åland (ah, Åland, the home of so many pleasing things and then some).


Behold my little collection of strawberry loveliness, the first bowl full of them sweeties, the stem gem, the strawberryish bobbaloos Scarlet and Chubs and yes, my first attempt at making amigurumi strawberries. I'm rather pleased with the result. Not suitable for stem gem use, but at least a little feast for the eyes. And some days, that can be as important as what you eat.



Jess said...

So cute! I wish I could have one of those handy little things!

Unknown said...

The Stem Gem looks like quite the handy little tool, especially with strawberry season upon us.

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