Sunday, May 01, 2011

the little lilacs climbers


A while ago the bobbaloo settlement of this residence heard of my worries of not having a plethora of gorgeous lilacs this year - I really went very very drastic when I pruned the after-bloom-hedge last summer - so the decided to have a proper look on the progress of the lilacs. And if possible incite to growth. In ways only bobbaloos know how.


So one day two of the most daring ones, Knut and Scarlet apparently, put on their colour matching harnesses and went on a climb. Up and down, up and down different branches, checking out the growth status.


And yes, probably showing off more than a tad bit too. When they felt it was time to come down on ground again they did have great news - the lilacs hedge is positively bursting with sprouts and buds. It will be a good early summer in the garden of mine (as I showed a bit from yesterday).

Gardens do have a way to always make one happy, even if one isn't blessed with green fingers. Gardens grow and are kind, soothe a troubled mind, caress a weary soul. Gardens and bobbaloos, two peas in a pleasing pod.



Kea said...

Knut and Scarlet are so adorable and also so adventurous! I'm glad they reported you'll have many blooms this year.

When I was growing up we had two glorious lilac bushes in our front yard...heavenly.

Our lilacs are about where yours are in terms of growth/readiness. Alas, I can no longer smell, but I do remember their wonderful scent!

Elephant's Child said...

Love it. And gardens are a big obsession of mine. And the bobbaloos looked great in their guise of mountain climbers.

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