Thursday, May 26, 2011

sweet green thoughts


:: Again many of us have experienced Blogger issues, the second major thing in a short period of time. How very unfortunate. It is as it is, and it's free, but still one would really very much appreciate some updated information on the fixing, Twitter is an excellent forum for quick, unpretentious updates like that... Anyway, switching to another browser this evening and it seems to miraculously work. Touch wood *and thank you for the hint, Julie*.

:: I have been going to the same dentist for some 20 odd years, without any major issues with his work, or with my teeth for that matter. However I am now thinking all this long-winding root-filling business is pretty weird somehow and quite costly, and not over yet unfortunately. The quoted price I got in the beginning has now been rather overdrawn and the situation feels quite awkward to me.

:: You left some lovely comforting and uplifting comments in my post of despair the other day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that. I've had two job-related fine meetings indeed since (the hope thing...) but still, these constant, frequent ups and downs, from hope to despair. The constant undercurrent of sorrow in all this. Enough enough enough.

:: Emailing people thoroughly, eloquently asking them for a simple favour(ish), getting a reply where they obviously have done their very best in misunderstanding the meaning of the question and favour does leave a rather unpleasant aftertaste. One can't help but wonder how they tick. Why try that hard to misunderstand and being rather accusatorial about a pretty simple matter, seriously dumbstruck am I.


:: It's a strange thing about yarn shops, one might go in there to buy one single little hank and mysteriously most always end up with a bag full of skeins. With colours I didn't expect to get - but now I'm planning to have a first go at some ripple pattern, maybe a pillow, maybe even a blanket. Seems like a good summer project and a nice change to the granny square addiction. Hopefully one to be finished within a reasonable period of time...


:: "I'm inconcievably intellectual" - I do love this plastic bag from Swedish bookstore Pocketshop. A perfect quote with a twist for a T-shirt me thinks. I'm hoping the little purple book "The Tiny Wife" by Andrew Kaufman is the one that will give me my sadly lost book-reading-mojo back. Haven't begun reading it yet.

:: Someone showed me the most amazing office for rent today. The coolest, most happy looking office I've ever seen, brimming with perky, inspirational colours, old furniture and sweet details. Smack in the middle of Stockholm city and with a ridiculously low rent. Too good to be true I suppose. But oh the love at first sight. THE office to actually love working in. My goodness me.

food art

:: Ate one of the prettiest looking lunches ever the other day. Strangely flavourless, apart from the lovely fruit bits, but oh so pretty to look at. Like a food painting. Awesomeness that the snap doesn't really do justice to.

:: I missed taking a picture of the first bunch of lilies of the valley this year. This is the second one. It smells heavenly. The Kismet Leonard duo was in complete awe of the pure awesomeness. And I, I'm in complete awww about the cuteness of bobbaloo butts. I believe there is pure, untainted happiness in those.



Elephant's Child said...

I am in complete agreement with you about bobbaloo butts and very jealous about the moomin vase. Hope life settles into a pleasant space for you.

Growing Up Gramma said...

Sounds like the perfect office! Do you have ideas for it? If you do you should go for it!

Anonymous said...

You write one of my fav blogs. I was so sorry to see you in such despair about how people had behaved toward you, but couldn't comment because of Blogger.

Now I am pleased to hear that things are going more smoothly for you. May your life continue in this way, eh?

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