Wednesday, May 11, 2011

lucky number 13


I've always considered number 13 to be a lucky number, a most misunderstood number, but always a lucky one. Today when I got home from the doctor -

sample-taking of snot, yay, awaiting the test-results for antibiotics or not, but at least cough medicine and cortisone nasal spray. I hope a good rest and that will do the trick to make me feel more like the real me again... -

there was someone screaming in my mailbox. The unwrapping of yet another one of those bestest of bestest boxes revealed little grey and pink fella who said his name was Seth (or Seetharama if you like the whole fancy schmancy name) and that he would like raspberries and chocolate pie asap, please, after a long journey all by his tiny self.

I'm not really sure when I'll be able to bake a chocolate pie, but for now he seems most pleased with being reunited with others of his kind. He seems especially thrilled about meeting Jojo and Leonard, they are as especially tiny as Seth and they all did a most happy dance when they met.

I too made a happy (but tired and not very energetic given the current Pia-condition) li'l swirl, hoping that this will indeed be the proverbial lucky number 13. That it's about high time for those lights, hearts and butterflies this year 2011 would be filled of. If the arrival of Seth can forebode that, then he can have all the chocolate pies his little woolly, grey tummy and pink heart can eat. Promise.

seth and shoe per diem


Kea said...

I do hope you feel better soon. You have my sympathies, as I'm battling a nasty cold virus that is making the rounds in our part of the world.

Welcome to Seth! I'd say he's found a very good home, with or without chocolate pie. :-)

Unknown said...

God Morgen, Pia! I have a funny Bobbaloo story to tell you... After swooning over your Bobbaloo adventures for some time, I started haunting Kit's Etsy shop in a sad, sad attempt to snag one of my own. I finally contacted her via Etsy convo, just to tell her how many smiles they've given me. Kind soul that she is, she offered to make one for me, even though she isn't accepting custom orders. So, when I opened my Etsy convos to reply, I noticed that I'd had a conversation with her two long years ago... About a teeny tiny pottery bowl that I'd made, and that Kit had purchased from me. As it turns out, she bought that wee bowl for one purpose.... To hold the sweet 'lol noses and hearts of Bobbaloos as they are being made! What?!? Really?!? Really.

Oh, I KNEW I felt a kinship with these sweet drops of sunshine! And now, I know why.

Hope you feel better soon....

Anonymous said...

Oooo, Seth is so cute!!! What a beautiful lucky surprise! :)

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