Wednesday, August 31, 2011

goodbye summer




Goodbye summer, I will miss you very much.
Goodbye August, I'm glad you're over, this year you have certainly been a spectacularly bad month.

Hallo autumn, I hope you will show a kind side of yourself.
Can we decide that September will be an overall moodlifting, good month?
And, if possibly, October even better?
That would be lovely and much appreciated, life. Thank you in advance.





The Elephant's Child said...

I am hoping for a spectacularly beautiful, mellow and kind Autumn for you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, especially the last one. I'm happy to say goodbye to summer. ;-)

Felis said...

Definitely autumn will be better than last months! I hope on warm weather! I love autumn trees clothes colors!

Expats Again said...

Beautiful photos. I'm looking forward to the changing colors on the trees. Welcome autumn!

Becky said...

I read today that there is an old wives tale that if you say "rabbit rabbit" on the first day of the month it will bring you good luck for the rest of the month. I figure, it can't hurt, and if it works..... Well.... that would be wonderful!

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