Monday, August 22, 2011

miniature birch bark craft


For some reason miniature things equals cuteness, most always. The combination of impressive craftsmanship and teensy-weensy is just irresistable. Though the absolute must-have is far from always present, just the admiration of what people can achieve with their creativity and talent is enough to make you smile and feel there might be hope for humanity after all... It's not always the grand gestures that matters, it's the small steps and little kind things that makes a lasting difference.

These miniscule birch bark shoe earrings were of course of a must have-kind, you can't but agree?


And there were tiny li'l yarn baskets with needles, of perfect bobbaloo size, seriously  m u s t   h a v e. Knut is very pleased about the choice of yarn colour. He just can't seem to take his eyes of that basket and dreams about the exciting knitting projects come autumn, in fact, he might even tag along to a twitterjunta-session.


Myself I'm just happy to have another pair of perfectly sweet and handmade earrings. (Found at a craft-café last month, a sweet palce that deserves a post of its own. One day.) Miniscule rules. And it isn't just the bobbaloos who say so. It's just a happy matter of fact.



Growing Up Gramma said...

Those are so CUTE! I like Knut, especially like the basket! Oh to have that much patience and talent!

Shaheen said...

There is something quite magical about miniature things, and these little shoes are adorable.

I've been readign your bklog, just not commenting on everything. Your zest for fidning joy in small things really cheers me up, so thank you. I know times are not easy for you either, so wish you warmth and wellness.

Fuzzy Tales said...

I love those earrings--I've never seen any like them. Rather surprising, perhaps, considering our country's First Nations' history and traditions!

Suman said...

What a loot, Pia! And how I envy you... :-)

Also, I like how aptly you have defined miniature things in the beginning - "It's not always the grand gestures that matters, it's the small steps and little kind things that makes a lasting difference."

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