Saturday, August 27, 2011

picking flowers


For obvious reasons I love flowers, but picking them does leave a thorn of regret, the undeniable feeling of 'who am I, who am any to deny them their continued life in the flower beds'? Yes, I feel sorry for flowers that are picked too. Nothing is uncomplicated if you really think about it. The two-edged blessing of an intellect.



That said, it is indeed soothing for the mind and soul to be able to saunter a garden for a couple of hours, in the sun, picking the sweetest of flowers, enjoying the idea (and the only thought in mind) of how lovely it will be to feast one's eyes on their delicate prettiness at home.


Just like last year's last summer weekend - oh sadness - we picked flowers at Växplats Nybyn today. For a few hours there was no stress, no worries, no fights to fight. Just flowers, sun, natural beauty, harmony, colours  and kindness. Life was simple. Bliss.



The Elephant's Child said...

'Life was simple' And that beauty was almost certainly healing too. Have a great weekend, full of flowers and joy.

Becky said...

I'm so glad I am not the only one that thinks twice about picking flowers. But the beauty is so appreciated and calming after such an awful week as you had. Maybe, just maybe, they know that that is their true destiny and are glad to do it.

Felis said...

My sister wanted to put some of my roses in vase, but I don't agree, because I love them and I don't want to hurt them. She answer if she was a flower she will be wants to travel. And when roots stay, flowers just go to one kind travel :). can find justification for all. I don't know maybe beautiful flowers wants to traveling more than the grass :).This year is too hot, and flowers don't stay for long even in garden :(.

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