Monday, August 15, 2011

let the good times...


...roll! Far from there yet, but I still love the kind gift I got in the mail the other week, from fellow (vegetarian food) blogger Åsa.

- She is someone who shares the well-educated struggles with the Swedish labour market politics gone bad. We are not happy, on different sides of Sweden we fight our own battles, which is essentially the same battle; to get a decent income source that reflects our competence, educational background and interests. We try to cheer eachother on, emails, tweets and occasionally little kind gifts in the mail and sweet perk-me-uppers. -

So, thank you again, Åsa, and may our good times roll come autumn!


Åsa said...

:) Så roligt! Den ser så mycket finare ut på din vägg än där den hängde i butiken. Jag som bara slötittade och fastnade för texten. Som ett gigantiskt vykort ;)

Jamenvisst, be my guest, posta du mina leriga gummistövlar (som jag t o m "tvättat" i vattenpöl då de hade ungefär ett ton lera på innan jag gav mig i kast med rödbetsskörden) bland era tjusiga skodon. Hoppas bara inte jag får någon skopolis i hälarna ;)

Shaheen said...

That is so kind of Asa and big hearted too.

Being in a similar predicament of unemployment, I do feel for the both of you and wish you and Asa well in your search for a fair earned income. For now, yes this little gift is a cheer you up.

PS I am off to check out Asa's blog now. Thanks for sharing.

Becky said...

Thank you for the comments you left on my blog. I know exactly what you mean about wanting so much to be able to have a job, that you can go to everyday, that doesn't make you want to cry all the way to work, and make you feel beaten and battered by the time you go home. I am so tired of fighting the universe for a job I don't even want. I know there must be SOMETHING out there.... SOMETHING!

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