Friday, August 19, 2011

goody two red shoes

july 28, 2011 - red shoes

One of my nice features is that I don't need to keep all the good shoes to myself, I am more than willing to coax encourage others to treat themselves to good walking and kind shoes. Especially when there's a shoe-sale. And even more especially, when there are red shoes on sale ("when in doubt, wear red", but any gorgeous colour will of course do in my world).


So I thought it was a good thing, a very good thing that my mother got that red pair of El Naturalista (naturally) Angkor maryjanes last month. Personally I want my shoe soles of a sturdier kind, but I still think this model is very appealing. And I love how maryjanes look good on and can be worn by any age - overall that is something that has become better over the years, it's not such a big dress-code-for-every-age as it used to be, rather dress in a way that becomes you and make you feel comfortable. As it should be. Me giving many thumbs up to that! -


I later spotted these pair - also in the Angkor model - at online sales. They are truly brimming with quirky gorgeousness, so lovely I did in fact contemplate skipping the prefer-thicker-soles-thing. But as my mother thought they looked wonderful too I did think it would be nice if she'd get them for autumn, and not me.


They arrived some days ago. And they look fabulastic. Four-toned oxfords, red-denimblue-violet-grey and shoe-laces in denim fabric - with an extra pair of regular ones in violet in case you prefer that - they are sighworthy lovely. True happy shoes. And hopefully über-comfortable to walk in too.


Just writing about shoes, my own or others, makes me happy. A small relief and blessing in the emotional rollercoaster that's going on in the rest of my life. Goody two shoes. Red shoes. Good shoes.

PS What's your opinion on shoes, just a boring must or something you can get all giddy about? Do you go for comfort over beauty or the other way around? Or think they should go hand in hand aka foot on foot always (when possible)? Do you have a favourite shoe brand? Or a favourite model? DS


Fuzzy Tales said...

I bet your mom's a really neat lady. :-)

Alas, shoes are for comfort only for me, as I have short, wide feet that also are thick, are difficult to fit. Finding comfortable footwear at any price is extremely hard. Finding comfortable footwear at an affordable price is almost impossible. I think if I could go barefoot I would. LOL.

Åsa said...

så fiiiina! och när jag scrollade ner och fick se det andra paret slapp ett *ååhhhh* ur munnen :)

Elephant's Child said...

Shoes are about comfort for me. And hard to find. Which doesn't mean that I can't appreciate beautiful shoes I could not wear. I do, sighing as I do so.

Anonymous said...

I love a good pair of shoes. I tend to gravitate towards Earth, Born and Teva, but have recently discovered an all leather Walmart brand called Earth Spirit that may be Earth under a different name. COMFY!

Unknown said...

Ah... Shoes.... Sigh. Love shoes. But! They must be both lovely AND comfortable, not whenever possible, but always. Lovely, however has different standards for different types of shoes. I have a pair of crisscross stripy flip flops by Teva that I wear most of the time (Southern Ca), But mostly, I wear Börn shoes. They just seem to fit me better than most, and have a mid-heel range that I can wear (most are too high or boring too short). They also come in an 11 (42), omg...

DahnStarr said...

My work shoes are whatever cheep pair I can find that looks okay and don't kill my feet. I tend to keep them "alive" for too long as I hate to buy them. My play shoes are "Tom's" because I like that they give a pair of free shoes to a child in need with each shoe that is purchased. The quality of the shoe isn't that great nor is the cost but the goodwill behind them makes up for it. My other play shoes are "Minnetonka Moccasins". They feel great, wear well and last for years.

pärlbesatt said...

De var alldeles underbara! Håller med om slejfskors förtjänster. Och även röda skors överlägsenhet.

Själv är jag inte så förtjust i ditt älsklingsmärkes tjocksulor, så just de här tyckte jag ännu mer om än andra. :)

Kul med olika smak, det vore väldigt trist om alla hade samma.

RedPat said...

Love the red Mary Janes!

Poppy Q said...

I love a great pair of shoes that are comfortable and kind of cute - but no heels - ever!.

I am drawn to El Naturalista too and just bought three pairs of sandals from Endless, in green, yellow and a blue/purple mix. Also groundhog shoes are in pretty leathers and great fit.

You and your mum share a great taste in shoes Miss P.

Julie Q

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