Thursday, August 04, 2011

malte eight years old


Malte, the loaf dog extraordinaire turns 8 today. There won't be any birthday party extravaganza this year, but there will be a squeaker toy, a chewing bone thingy and a bath.

And there was briefly a tartan cap photo session - the cap I got in a pet shop in Winter's Park, Orlando, Florida in 2004, because I heart tartan. It was a lovely trip and even if loaf dog isn't to fond of his stylish cap he gets to wear it at superspecial occasions and always reminds me of a very good trip - and then a bit of unsuccessful loaf work to get rid of silly cap.




Happy birthday, my Little Loaf!



Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy birthday to handsome Loaf Dog! We think the squeaky toy and bone are great...We're not so sure about the bath. :-D

-Nicki and Derry (and "mom" Kim)

The Elephant's Child said...

So cute. And I love his toothy smile.

pärlbesatt said...

Grattis på födelsedagen, Limpan! :) Och grattis till matte. Såg "din" tröja igår, fast i klänningsform. Den med moln och jordgubbar. Tänkte på dig då, och att jag fortfarande inte sett dig lajv...

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