Sunday, August 14, 2011

perky nails


To continue on the path of unimportant matters that bright up one's days: nailpolish. (The lens louse loaf dog is clearly a very important matter than bright up one's day.)

I've never been much for nailpolish on fingernails, as opposed to the toenails which I always like to keep perky. And they don't chip as quickly and easy as painted fingernails.


But somehow, Berlin changed me (a tad bit) concerning that (very cheap ones, I might as well try a few). Then I spotted some nice ones in Copenhagen, which I couldn't resist. And when I got home I thought it would be nice to test them all at once.


After a week's wear they looked like this;


Granted, since I'm right handed those fingernails will always be subject to more wear, but all and all, the colours I enjoyed most are also the colours that did best during that week (ranging from cheap to not-so- cheap-though-not-super-expensive).


One Essence XXXL shine (cheap, didn't hold well and even if I in theory enjoy this beige/nude hue it just seems... pointless on fingernails) :: OPI do you think i'm t-exy (OPI is a brand I thoroughly enjoy, durable, nice colours and fun. But expensive-ish and too large bottles for my liking) :: GOSH sweet peach (Danish brand which I quite enjoy, but this one on sale was just a pointless colour, pale, glittery yellow, that didn't hold well)


The six mini bottles of Essence, of which I loved one, quite enjoyed two and didn't enjoy three.
39 Lime up! (like) :: 53 You belong to me (didn't like, but nice for summer toenails) :: 36 Enchanted fairy (pointless, bland pink that didn't hold well) :: 41 Very berry (nice pink hue, held well) :: 46 Wake up! (loved this one, such a bright, perky, summery orange and it held well too! I'm going to wear this in order to hold on to summer a while still)


This was the first time I actually bought Essie nailpolish. And I am quite taken by its durability. I spotted the green one first, which actually reminds me of all sorts of boring things like Swedish supermarket employers' uniforms and ship decks, but still irresistable.

742 Coat azure (a very nice blue colour which holds very well, now on all my fingernails almost a week since I applied it) :: 731 Sew psyched (great name and the colour of light olive greyish looked lovely, not sure if it's a nice one on nails though. Perhaps during the darker time of the year, not really a perky summer thing) :: 725 Pretty edgy (favourite! Love the green hue still and it held well during a week's wear and tear. Great colour for both summer and winter I think)

I do believe this nailpolish on fingernails will be a more regular thing for me from here on. Apart from lipgloss I think this is one kind of make-up I might actually enjoy. Once upon a younger time I was very particular with the daily make-up, these past ten years or so I mostly can't be bothered. I'm more into the groundwork with cleansing and moisture. The rest I usually find quite boring - and I much rather sleep those extra 15 minutes too...

Do you have a favourite nailpolish? If so which one? Use it regularly or just once in a while?


Erica said...

I am a self-proclaimed nail polish addict. For fingers and toes. Personally while I do love OPI's colors, I find their polish to be a bit too dry; they seem to dry out my nails more than others, and they chip in 2 or 3 days, even with a top coat. Zoya brand is my new favorite. On the pricier side, but lasting 5-6 days, so I find it to be worth it. I recently tried water marbling with nail polish, and while I found it to be messy, the results were so much fun! With all the colors you have, you should give it a go!

Elephant's Child said...

The loaf dog would brighten anyone's day. Re makeup - in times gone by I wouldn't have gone to the letter box without it. Now it doesn't happen. Cleansing and moisturising are enough. Your bright nails might make me think again though.

Felis said...

I like Avon "Colortrend" and Oriflame "Visions" series, but I use nail polish occasionally.

Unknown said...

Whatever brightens up your day!

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