Thursday, August 18, 2011

thursday vortex aftermath-ish


Thank you, t h a n k  y o u , thank you for all the encouraging, sweet comments to yesterday's vortex post, I do treasure them all! Very, very much. Today didn't bring any world turning news, just a few emails and talks on the issue, I'm not really sure where to go from here. Or what to make of the emails and talks. One day at a time. I wish I could plan ahead some more. Tomorrow it's work from home, I get some extra sleep and a lunch on the town, then it's weekend. Next week will hopefully be a constructive one.

Right now I'm looking forward to an early night, new polish on 20 nails and on Saturday, I get to listen to Bryan Ferry, front row seats at Dalhalla. That is pretty awesome. I hope it will not rain and that the evening will be light enough still to allow some photographing.

I wish my days could be spent more like me, the real me, not having to watch my words and behaviour in order to please the worst kind of bureaucrats and little popes, not having to dissimulate in so many situations. This is beyond ridiculous, this is offensive, time-, energy- and life-consuming. To spend your days in a creative environment, to joke, laugh and learn, give and take, feeling productive and appreciated (and appreciate others), getting a reasonable pay and not dreading the mornings in the worst of ways. That I wish.

As all this, seemingly rampant and not just the-average-kind-of-annoying-but-it-can-be-dealt-with stupidity, in my life crushes my soul (or at least does its best to), it really saddens me when I hear other tell similar stories of dreams, hopes, qualifications, competence, creativity being broken. It may be a comfort to not be alone in non-self-inflicted predicaments, but it is heartbreaking how the human world works and how little time, if any, too many people with too much power spend actually solving problems instead of relishing creating new ones.

My third little wish for today is that I lived in closer vicinity to a beach with an ocean. Walking such a beach, no matter time of the year, really has the most glorious cleansing and elevating impact on the soul and mind I believe. (As do walking the hills in Scotland, or Yorkshire moors, but doing that regularly seems slightly more out of reach. For me.)


Where is your favourite place/s for revitalizing
the soul and mind?
Where is your sanctuary?



DahnStarr said...

A place for revitalizing the soul and clearing the mind for me can be a simple as sitting in the back yard and looking up at the stars.

My co-worker has her rock up in the mountains that she likes to sit on when she needs to think about life issues. Nothing like having a nice hard rock under your butt to put everything into its proper place!

The Elephant's Child said...

If I had my dreams I would be somewhere closer to water. River/lake/ocean. There is something so healing about it.

In its absence I take my therapy with the cats, the garden, the birds that visit and an escape in books. If it works - do it.

Hoping you can come to a relaxing place in your mind soon.

Felis said...

I need only from sky. When I see clouds, with their complicated, unique, unparalleled painting.
I know there have something bigger than this human cruelty and madness here.
I don't mean Heaven, or what religion named him.
I mean something in this moment, something bigger than us -
the Nature, the mother of all, she believe in everybody, because she is mother.
And give them this beauty, no matter they are blind.
On my language "beautiful" is "красив" but "сив" means gray color.
This stupid human world is only one color in complicated picture.
Have to see full picture or will stay staring at only in the gray.

Becky said...

My place is a state park in Iowa. It is called the ledges, it has beautiful sandstone ledges carved out by the Des Moines river over years and years. I took my kids there a lot.

I've never seen an ocean, but would love to. Would love to be about anywhere but here right now.

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