Tuesday, August 16, 2011

random photos berlin


I have finally uploaded all the Berlin/Germany photos I wanted to Flickr. And as my mind is weary and uninspired at the moment I thought it would be nice to just share a few Berlin photos today and not bother about the writing. Because today the latter don't come easy. And on photos you can always rely.


The view we woke up to every morning. Pretty awesome I think.


I just think they looked snazzy these two guys, sadly they walked to fast and there were too many tourists in the way of the camera, but I managed a snap anyway.


I'm still amazed at the numbers of cyclists in Berlin. Even if Germans are great drivers in general, the traffic pace in Berlin is pretty tough and tricky, to manouver a bike in such a death defying way as many do... jeez.


I find this old man looking very Miami-ish somehow. And cool.


A piece of the Eastside gallery. Very much worth a visit (and behind the wall is also the Strandgut beach). Great (and not so great) murals here.


The inner city vastness of Berlin really is pretty intimidating, 
especially when seen from above.


Very bobbaloo approved cars, 
but just like me they do prefer the older models before this latest one.


In Berlin giraffes are big and made of Lego.


Old Tempelhof airport is of not bobbaloo approved architecture.


I find the Strandgut beach stroller to the left in the picture rather disturbing, for several reasons. Style and sense council desperately wanted.


I also find myself pondering where I'd like to live if I were to live in Berlin, there are so many places and houses that look rather dreamy (and many that do not). I always end up thinking that this is the kind of place that would rock my boat. And who wouldn't want to be neighbour with a Buddah Republic?


Even if Berlin is a busy, dirty, concrete, happening, modern city it is streets and places like this, where there's a peaceful, leafy feel of serenity that makes me love it.


Why is it that German forbidden-signs are so much more intimidating than signs in other languages?


There are never too many, colourful bears in one street.


Elephant's Child said...

Love them. And hope that your weary mind recovers soon.

Prixie said...

Beautiful photos.

Shaheen said...

Love the lego giraffe.

Fuzzy Tales said...

The Lego giraffe and those bears are particularly neat. And I love that small oasis of green amid the concrete.

Really enjoyed your photos, as always.

eudiaruny said...

love that view! I wish I could go there!

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