Wednesday, July 04, 2012

a bobbaloo's summer day in stockholm

bobbaloos at ulriksdal garden

No outing without bobbaloos du jour tagging along in their very own travel cabin of course. It's a tough job but some smallsized wollies have to do it.

mozzarella pesto sandwich

Yesterday they got to lunch munch on a mozzarella pesto sandwich.

choc nutty cake

Followed by a nutty chocolate cake - which was lovely but too rich to finish completely, even for bobbaloos famous for their ability to devour any cake no matter size.

They insisted I get that birdfeeder above, but I thought it was too expensive so I said no to that. Bobbaloos are notoriously not good with nos and became rather grumpy hence refuse to leave travel cabin until they were treated to a lovely glass of ice tea a few hours later.

ice tea and bobbaloos

Currently the gaggle is bickering about who will get to come along to Gdansk in a few weeks. I will carefully review the bobbaloo album and see who has already travelled abroad and who has not. I'm contemplating if a naked bobbaloo is appropriate to take along or not. And guess what, there will soon be the arrival of a tiny special trio who might have been infected by the travel bug. Decisions, descisions and I just know there will be disappointment and more grumpiness. They may look tiny and adorable, but oh my, they're quite demanding.

So, what have your bobbaloos been up to lately?
And how do you deal with their demanding ways?

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