Monday, July 02, 2012

perfectly purry inspirations


A fact of life, something that can't be repeated too often, cats truly are the purrfect sources of inspiration. For life, for love, for happiness, for mindfullness, for carpe diem, for silliness, exploring and of course for relaxation.

first time in garden

ågot and åskar

second time in garden


PS I miss when I was able to take photos I really enjoy with the DSLR, these days it's acting up a lot (after four plus years and hundreds of thousands, yes really, photos I guess that's sadly what can be expected) and the result are very less than satisfactory. I love DSLRs, but I really need a new one. It has and is one of my goals this year, to get that one dreamy camera. 

I love what you can create with the optics of the new iPhone, and all the great apps that allow you to be even more creative, but of course, most of the time it can't be compared to the exquisite loveliness that can be conjured through a proper lens. I miss that. But for now, mostly iPhone snaps it is. Hopefully the images can still transmit a certain mood, a special moment. DS

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Anonymous said...

Your kitties are truly beautiful and oh so darling. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!

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