Saturday, July 07, 2012

the bestest skirt of mine


Ten plus years ago I fell head over heels for this amazing two-sided cotton skirt with raw edges and lots of fabulous handmade details. Over the years I've gotten lots of compliments for it, but I think it's the type of quirky style/skirt you either love or hate.


Sadly Noa Noa hasn't produced any skirts similar to this since - and of course I only got one back then - and it's only in theory that it would be easy to recreate something like it. It would take a lot of time, the sewing and embroidering, I'm sure. I don't have the patience for it. I would love to get one or two more in the exact same style though.

This one has been an eager summer traveller, Florida, South Africa, all over Europe, it does show, the button holes are much larger than the buttons now - I really need to fix that... -, the raw edges are rawer than ever, but still, for a ten plus years frequently used skirt it's definitely still going strong! And I adore the effortlessness of raw edges.


What's your favourite garment/s? And why?
Do you still wear it frequently?

1 comment:

Niska said...

I have a pair of pants that I love, they have done several years off and on. I have found the shop no longer sells them which is devestating.

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