Sunday, July 08, 2012

frog and hedgehog year 2012


One thing I love about this time of the year is the fact that you get to see old friends in garden. Or possibly new ones, I'm admittedly not too good at identifying the adorable subjects. Be as that may, I love having a garden that apparently is a nice place for all sorts of earthlings, not only kitties and a loaf dog.

first frog 2012

A couple of weeks back first frog of the year appeared. Kitties too intrigued. I wonder how many of them that live under the porch. And if it's the same bunch that return. It would probably be nice to make a little pond for them in garden. Not sure where to put it though. And if they'd be left alone by said kitties.

Hedgehog 2012 has returned for some more food too. Don't think, alas, we'll be as fortunate with a lot of prickly guests as last summer  - six of them at one time! - but still, lots of love for every distinguished one that decideds this is a good place to be.

As I'm writing this I can hear him/her rattling the bowl for a refill outside, better do as s/he likes...

Do you have any extra special summer visitors in your garden?

hedgehog 2012


DahnStarr said...

Wild little birds including hummingbirds. Neighborhood kitties that checkout said birds. And, we may have our little deer momma back. Saw one in a neighbors back yard, a few streets over, after work today but don't think she has been here yet.

Vickie said...

such a handsome toadie frog! I have never seen a hedgehog in person - hope to one day. always love your dear blog and bobbaloos.

Anonymous said...

Not this summer,but in spring there were black birds two times nesting on my balcony.Nine chicks altogether:)

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