Sunday, July 29, 2012

mane message hair ties


Via Chelsea (Frolic)I learnt about these nifty, colourful, kind to your hair ties and hairbands from the company Mane Message. They're sold in different packages and many of them are tie-dyes in cute colour combinations. In fact there are so many sweet colours it's hard to chose just one package - especially for a colour buff like me... - so I went for a few when I placed my order.

Some of the ties I got were two of the same colour, though that does make it easier to give away a few that way. Because when they arrive you will realise that you want to keep each and every colour for yourself, even if the intention was to give away some. They are super adorable!

mane message

The hair ties can also be used as simple and sweet bracelets. 

I ordered a package of headbands too, haven't gotten around to using them, not because they're uncomfortable to wear but more because I love the idea and look of a headband on others, I just always seem to come to the conclusion that headbands just aren't very me. Still I'm easily seduced in getting them... Need to work on the me-feeling.

They are all very cute, perky (depending on the colours you choose) and unpretentious. And I can definitely see myself getting a few more. I especially love the tie dyes, the turquoise and pink ones are my favourites. Perfect and simple gifts too. Also sold on Etsy.

mane message

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viridiana said...

OMG Pia, the headbands are lovely!! Now I really need some of them...

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