Tuesday, July 10, 2012

july tuesday thoughts

upside down

Just a few random thoughts from my  my brain today;

~ the anxiety and loss you feel when a kitten move to a new forever home - yes I'm a softie like that, if you haven't guessed by now... - is rarely met by the kitten's feelings.

Plupp aka Årvar moved yesterday. It was rather heartbreaking, the little tiny fluff picked up and put in a transportation all alone. Later in the evening I learnt that it only took him an hour upon arrival in his new home to having eaten, done the potty and begun playing with his new friend (who is a Ragdoll called Mozart and funnily enough born on April 4th this year too!). This morning we talked (owner and I) and Årvar had then sniffed the dog (a sheltie). And was playing like crazy with his new friend. He apparently couldn't care less about moving from his sister and brother, I am the one finding this quite an ordeal. Which I suppose, any sane and caring human being should.

Ågot and Åskar doesn't seem to care either. They love to run around in the garden, playing with Zigne and Ztina. They eat a lot and continue to be mischiveous. And in a couple of weeks it is time for Åskar to move to his forever new home. I hope I will be brave and grownup about that.

~ you can't have too many cardigans, right? Right.

~ getting emails about final shoe-sales is treacherous and seductive. Isn't another summer sandal a good idea?

~ deciding which clothes to pack when going on a trip is really a breeze compared to which bobbaloos.

~ having a new bathtub in your living room is really recommended as a fun and entertaining cat playground. (Bathtub is destined for bathroom, whenever I get in the mood for making it presentable enough to welcome new bathtub. Then it's bye bye old, worn bathtub.)

~ I really really enjoy the "River Cottage Veg Everyday" television series. Although, as always, I do find it quite sad that so many people think that you haven't had a proper meal if there's not a piece of a dead body on the plate. And then I'm moved with the stories of three generations of vegetarians, families and societies where being a vegetarian is mainstream.

I'm contemplating how lovely it would be to grow veggies myself. But for all sorts of reason I don't think it would be doable for me. Others do it better, I might as well encourage them with my purchases instead.

~ It is time to pick up the nastiness named my new passport. Also known as the gateway to hell actually. I'm sure that the poor passportinspectors looking at that nasty passport of mine will turn into pillars of salt or something similar.

It will be quite an ordeal picking it up. I need something extraordinarily cheerful to ease the pain afterwards, I'm sure.

~ I'm always most most pleased and happy about blog comments left. Even if I'm not always able, for this and that reason, to reciprocate or say a personal thank you. But you already knew that, right? Right.

shoe per diem july 8, 2012 -

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, I've missed a lot!

I'm delighted Årvar has settled in so quickly, but of course that's the way of things. It's far more likely a rescued cat (or dog), from a shelter, would have adjustment issues, due to prior treatment. But a kitten, and one from a bona fide breeder and well-raised, would have no such issues.

And that's a good thing, a happy thing. :-)

RE: the passport/passport photo: I've not had a passport since I was a young child, but I know you can't smile. I have no idea why one has to be so serious, but yes, passport photos are typically bad. LOL. As are drivers license photos, health card photos, monthly bus pass photos.....

Oh, and no, you can't have too many cardigans. Truly.

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