Friday, July 13, 2012

friday the 13th of july

~ frog alert on the porch again. s/ge very unamused by the presence of loaf, cat and me.

~ had a lovely soy latte - like yesterday evening. no i didn't get much sleep - THIS is how it should taste.

~ picked up the horrificness called my passport. it's just so studiously crap i had to laugh, you can't tell it's me. i'm glad i have my id-card to compare with.

~ met a lion.

~ had a fabulous lunch with a fabulous view. yes it is alright to be green with envy.

~ inaugurated the prettiest umbrella.

~ had a long walk through a somewhat unfamiliar part of stockholm city. it was lovely, summery and blissful.

~ picked up the new sandals. pretty awesome if you ask me.

all and all, once again, friday the 13th has proven to be a sweet kind of day.

happy weekend one and all!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Great shoes/sandals! Scary-looking frog. Toad? Whatever. LOL. And a very handsome lion. :-)

Happy weekend to you as well.

pärlbesatt said...

Hmmm, känner inte igen vyerna alls, vilket är ovanligt för mig när det gäller Stockholm.

Sen en sak till, när jag städade i mina pyssellådor hittade jag två fågelhårnålar, av dem jag gjorde till dig och en annan. Vill du ha dem? Tänkte att du kanske ville göra dig av med lite av din pärlstash, om du ändå inte ska pärla mer. Men det kanske du ska?

Dina said...

Congratulation Pia, you hav a great blog!

Greetings from North Norfolk

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