Sunday, July 22, 2012

upon arriving home...


... i can ascertain that

~ my broadband is still not working (after a plus week and reporting the issue) thus i have to make do with iphone. not convenient for everything that need to be done. nuisance.

~ that i have a gazillion of lovely photos that need downloading and uploading. it will take forever.

~ that i still love gdansk. (even if it's a much prefered city off season due to an overwhelming amount of tourists this time of the year.)

~ that i still am deeply and utterly and forever in love with józef k.

~ that a whole lot of walking on city streets, asphalt and cobblestone for five make for very very VERY sore feet.

~ to be able to charge the iphone and free wifi access is now a big part of being on holiday.

~ that you can find el naturalista shoes in gdansk too. they even happen to be on sale sometimes.

~ that gdansk (poland?) in many vegetarian ways without a doubt outperform stockholm (sweden).

~ that bobbaloos love the beach.

~ that blogging via app is rather inconvenient when it comes to photos, links and publishing. but for now, it will have to do.


1 comment:

DahnStarr said...

The Bobbaloos took a very good photo of you! Wish mine knew how to do that.

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