Tuesday, July 24, 2012

moving day for åskar


Today it was time for blue boy Åskar to move to his new forever home. I can safely say it's so much easier to let them move at the 12 weeks old-date than later - and I can in this case of course only blame myself for not making a big fuss about selling them at the earlier date - because you get so much more attach to and smitten by their ways and personalities during the weeks, months that follow. The separation anxiety grows.

on the day brother årvar moved, two weeks ago...

I'm sure he'll have a great new friend - just like brother Årvar has - and a family with four children who'll appreciate his fabulous blue personality and gentle soul. But he'll be missed, by me and his playful, mischievous sisters, Ågot, Ztina and Zigne.

May you have a long and most happy,
wonderful life little sweet Åskar ~



Fuzzy Tales said...

He's grown so quickly, and into such a handsome young "mancat."

We wish him a long and happy and healthy life in his "forever" home!

pärlbesatt said...

Men alltså, de är obeskrivligt vackra... Han får det säkert jättebra!

Poppy Q said...

What a sweetie. We wish him a long, happy and healthy life.

Julie and Poppy Q

Growing Up Gramma said...

Happy for Askar, sad for you. I will miss the many pictures of both blue brothers. Glad to know they will be in happy homes though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll miss those sweties too. I'll already miss them. I wish they were mine.
Especialy Arvar reminds me so much on my 14 years old cat, who died on July 6th this summer. Same hairy ears and sad look...


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