Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in 12 pictures


I don't feel witty as in 2010, or full of excitement and thoughts as in 2011. But still, a recap of the year that went, with a photo per month is always a sweet thing. Some months, weeks, days better than others, here we go. (And as usual, über-tricky to chose just ONE picture per month...)


The month was busy, full of hope and dreams about new beginnings, for Prosit, for me. Pink office pretty much finished and decorated (even if there's always room for improvement). Celebrated all this with a luxurious afternoon tea with a friend (planned for many years but not realised until now. Have yet to be blogged about...).

Blue boots arrived, courtesy of Christmas money, and they were dreamy. If there can be happiness in shoes, surely this is a pair is the perfect example of that. Through ups and downs over 2012 they have always brought a smile to my face with a look at or walk in. Some colours, some hues are pretty special.

I knitted and crocheted a lot, both begun and finished quite a few yarny projects, such as colourful beanies and strawberries. Did a lot of networking, got the first proper Prosit assignment and it was a lovely one, ate good food and loved spending time with Ztina and Zigne, who turned six weeks old by the end of the month.



Continued to be productive and enjoyed tulips. Discovered Walk & Talk, got a pink loudspeaker for pink office, but mostly it was a very red month (like in boots, bird feeder, tea, Lovikka mittens, kittens, hearty baking and small neat things). Walked a lot, worked a lot. It was an overall grand month.



When winter begun to turn spring the lovely assignment came to an end, Yelp was launched in Stockholm. As an end of project-treat I got myself another pair of red boots (surprise). I knitted some more, like cowls and perky yellow mittens.

I began to feel really very tired and far from my usual self (ack, this is when the bad, still unresolved stuff begun), a tooth filling broke and to round off the month little loaf got ill.

helsinki with bobbaloos


Healthwise is was a bad bad month, for me, for M, for little loaf. But the adorable blue kittens were born and mum and I had a pre-booked trip to Helsinki, which turned out to be awesome, despite me being far from well. I stopped using dairy in my tea and in most food (one of my best decisions in 2012!). iPhone was upgraded and oh what a difference that made for photos! It was a strange strange month of both incredible lows and wonderful highs.

poor me


From May and onwards my 2012 has been a lot about doctor appointments, blood samples, tests, examinations and medicines. (Writing this in the last shivering days of December with no answers in sight. Sigh.)

There were also cherry blossoms and thoughts on shoe lust. Poor little loaf was neutered due to testicle tumour, after the stitches were removed he was treated to a dog cafe visit. May 15 was also the Aday- day. I learnt the two halfs of an avocado-lesson and spent a weekend at a Geek Girl Meetup.

I bought a mock orange for garden and the blue kittens turned eight weeks old and continued to be a pure joy to both eye and soul.

the day after a cab drive


It was a rainy and unusually cold month. I continued to feel crappy and looked like a tired, not so little troll and hair was a mess. More tests, more doctor visits. A hellish new passport experience.

But there was also hedgehog 2012, purple peep-toes (that granted sadly broke after a month...), we also managed to get out for a few cab-outings, went to sweet Åland and the fabulousness of Finnish rye bread.

Kitten delight.



Still rather chilly, but many wonderful days where had. Circus nails. Frolicking. Frog. Bobbalooing. A fab Yelp partySummer visit to Gdansk. Blue boys moving to forever homes. Had many many good lunches, dinners, fikas. Found the perfect soy latte, bliss.

Discovered a new lovely cafe (one day, a post of its own...). Had a class in concreting for home and garden, it was such a nice and inspirational experience (one day too, a post of its own...). And another  day trip to Åland.

All and all, definitely one of the best months of 2012.

reflections at wij


Gardens, gardens, gardens (one day, two day, three day, posts of their own...). Castles. Doctors. Pills. Little loaf turns nine. Museums, art, ice cream testing, goodbye shoes, hallo shoes.

And sorrow as we have to say farewell to Agnes.

Wistful August. Joy and sorrow entwined.

stockholm suburb


Needles. Rushed to the hospital. More needles. Writer's talk (you know, that really deserves a post of its own...). Flower picking. The discovery of days in frames. Blogoversary number seven. First woolly autumn project. Museums, a backpack and sweethearts.

A very strange month. Another one.

wristwarmer with wilbur


Many fabulous vegetarian meals, fikas, breakfast, lunches, dinners and one special luxurious afternoon tea. Happy birthday to meKnitting, crocheting, knitting. Instawalk. A Day in the World the book. A yellow sofa. A very orange month. And doctors.

malte and malte


Skyfall. Magical wristwarmers. A lovely facial. Good fikas and afternoon tea. Floating. Walk & talk. Doing the Malte walkChristmas fairs. Lumberjack cap. Doctors. Add a cold. Birthday boots arrival, the tale of five shoes. Nelly and Carrotboy.



Budapest. Loveliness in so many ways. Christmas fair, vegetarian delights, pastries and too many statues. Yes yes, more of later. Snowstorm. Carmina Burana. A Day in the World exhibition. Drac-Ulla. Yarn, yarn, yarn. Doctor. Pills. Floating. Birthday girls. Christmas cards. Icy streets. A touch of sales. Angels' share. Cheers.

~ ~ ~

If the year hadn't held a seven month period of constant health conundrums it might have been that fabulastic year I had every intention for it to be. 
Bye 2012, I have to say I am so glad to see you go. 
2013, be good, pretty pretty pretty please.


Josie Crafter said...

Wishing you a much healthier year ahead, Pia !
Take care xxx

Elephant's Child said...

HEALTH and happiness for 2013, for you and yours.

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