Sunday, December 16, 2012

on the third advent sunday


we had a bit of a belated birthday do, for m (april), for malte (august), for me (october), afternoon tea ~ cream tea or since it was advent sunday, 'adventsfika'. any excuse to have a splendid fika is a good excuse.

cream tea

i made two types of scones, savoury and the cream tea kind. i usually like the latter best, but sadly they didn't turn out well at all today. dry and dull. i changed the sourmilk (filmjölk) to soygurt and the consistency of dough was as it usually is, end result far from. will make another batch soon and hopefully it'll turn out better.

the savoury scones on the other hand turned out better than ever, light, fluffy, moist and perfect. i swapped the dairy for almond milk and accidently used twice as much butter/oil than recipe said. oops. from now on that will certainly be the way i make my savoury scones.

polka cookies

also made those fab polka cookies from last year. most if them is in the freezer, but we had a few of them at the do too. truly yummy cookies. do try them out.

it was a cosy and tasty sunday afternoon.
how did you spend yours?

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Elephant's Child said...

That looked a truly delightful afternoon tea. I found when I made scones regularly (and I must do it again) that the wetter the dough the lighter the scone.

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