Saturday, December 15, 2012

when bobbaloos go shopping

saffron tea & dog poo bags

One of many appealing traits in bobbaloos, I've found, is that when they go shopping and pick up stuff when I turn my back, or have an opportunity to chose something they like, they most always chose things I like. Necessities or irresistably cute stuff. In other words, things a bit like themselves.

A pity they don't pay for the stuff themselves too.

The other day they thought it was an excellent idea to go looking for that saffron tea someone had raved about on Instagram. And at the same time spice things up in the dog poo department - the idea of turquoise and pink dog poo bags sounded fab! One of each of course, gender-related colours are just the silliest of notions.

The bright coloured dog poo bags haven't been inaugurated yet, but the colours are indeed great. Picking up loaf dog poo is suddenly so much more fun!

saffron tea

The saffron tea was a disappointment, smells lovely but tastes very little. Rather expensive too, so won't buy that again. You really have to pick better tea next time, bobbaloos.

You who have the great fortune to share your life with bobbaloos,
what do you think about their shopping skills?

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