Sunday, December 09, 2012

meet drac-ulla

drac-ulla and carrotboy

Carrotboy insisted we brought his new friend Drac-ulla home with us from Budapest. And who am I to say no?

budapest christmas fair

Well, to be honest, despite the fact that I'm not a great fan of incense I was in deep lust after this green thing when I spotted it huffing and puffing with a bunch of other dragons at the Christmas fair. Ah, such a pretty, magical, happy market stall, wouldn't you agree?


She has had her first puff in Sweden, vanilla scented.

drac-ulla and zigne

She has met Zigne, who was not impressed.

drac-ulla and zigne

I will now look for a high quality incense, with a lighter scent, not so overwhelming and smokey like most tend to be. Any suggestions highly welcomed! Even if Drac-ulla doesn't have to puff all the time it is nice with a bit of it now and then. And even nicer if the scent is a pleasing one too.

The Budapest Christmas fair's markets stalls were brimming with lovely crafts and fine foods, over al much nicer stuff than you find at Swedish markets I have to say. We did get other nice things, other than Drac-ulla, more of that later. Right now I'm just very happy about the fact that my broadband seems to work again, hopefully not just for a wee while, and keep this post short.


Poppy Q said...

Oh I love him too. Like you not a great incense lover, but he is too cute to resist.

Elephant's Child said...

Poor Zigne. Jazz would have attempted a smash and destroy manoeuvre. Just the same, I love your new fire (smoke) breather.

Pia K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DahnStarr said...

The bells, the bells and their colors! Oh, my, I'm loving them a lot. Not that the little fire breather isn't cute.

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