Friday, December 07, 2012

some red treats in budapest

looking through the budapest photos i realised there's been a lot of red things. and not just because it's christmas time. not only. i thought i'd make a cavalcade of things red in budapest, but as i still (three weeks plus now...) have no regular internet it just limits the possibilities and fun with it.

- with no cafe or friend with wifi nearby, and the phone/internet provider being as stupid as they usually are no matter what, the solution to the problem is sadly not imminent. it is such a nuisance galore, in this day and age i don't think you can call it a luxuary problem since one really does need it if one works from home amongst other matters we need computer/internet access for these days... -

but i'll give you three (plus one) red things from budapest. as a foretaste of a photo cavalcade.

one of the three nice soy lattes i had at starbucks against a backdrop of the basilica and fabulous recycled kind of christmas trees (which SO deserve a post of their very own).

a very lovely red cherry cheesecake enjoyed at a classic and posh (given the unusually high prices compared to other budapest places of food/drink) cafe.

the red, worn, torn, out of date and therefore very picturesque budapest trolley buses.

and last but not least, the pretty christmas fair logo on a cup filled with warming mulled wine on a cold, cold day with freezing winds. cheers!

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

REd is such a cheery colour, isn't it?

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