Thursday, December 27, 2012

drowning in images


The image of me right now; desperately trying to edit photos, download, save, extra save, upload, save, decide if they're a keeper worth sharing or not, delete duplicates (since I'm a scatterbrain who still insists I will remember which photos I've already edited, downloaded, saved, uploaded, shared or not etc etc).

Ever since I joined Flickr almost six years ago now I've thought it's been a brilliant way to have an extra extra online back-up of the best photos, the best way to blog photos, I've enjoyed some groups and been endlessly inspired by the photo community. Since then I've been good at uploading within a week of photos being taken, it has never been a burden keeping up with it, always a joy.

Until I began slacking last October, over a year ago now. Obviously my priorities have changed. With the photo possibilities and editing apps that come with the iPhone - enter May 2010 -, the once beloved SLR-camera really not functioning as it used to (hundreds of thousands of photos can do that even with the best of bunch), my photo routines as well as my life have changed.

I will never stop loving the magic one can capture with a camera, but I have to admit the more administrative stuff that comes with it (and granted some of it is solely my own 'invention') have become rather a burden and nuisance. Yes, I still want to edit the best photos, I still want to enjoy it, download, upload, do what I've been doing for these past six years, but neither brain, heart, time nor energy is in it. Still slacking.

Sometimes I just think that my personality of an jane-of-all-trades, me bursting with creative wanting to do this that, that and this, and then some leaves little room for prudently focusing on one project/duty at a time. I want to do everything and I want to do it NOW!

Let me just say "the tulip sweater" and that sums it up well. I have no problems in finishing projects and stuff for others, but things I do for myself, well that's another story. For every project I start AND finish for myself, there are at least five unfinished. It's a conundrum.

Two years ago I had grand plans of finishing at least one creative project a week. Sadly that has not been the case. Life can do that with plans.

Back to the photos, the drowning in images that needs a bit of work. The iPhone desperately seeking relief from being storage of far too many photos. It would be such a nice nice thing to start a new year with only a couple of hundreds of photos in phone and not several thousands. Alas I don't see that happening. Especially not with a crappy Internet connection as well as the new Flickr app being lousy when it comes to uploading.

It may be a luxuary problem, but nevertheless an issue I find terribly annoying and without any other solution than keep editing, saving, downloading, uploading, tagging, one picture at a time. Barely keeping my head above image water. And no, to stop taking so many pictures and editing, which I love, is not the answer.

(Despite the fact that M has been complaining for years now that walking with me is even worse than walking the loaf dog, who wants to sniff, read and pee every third minute. I want to stop, look, take photos, set the camera, change angle, light, every second minute. On extra troublesome walks, from M's point of view, I have both the SLR and the iPhone, both need to be used. Obviously.)

Do you ever find you're drowning in your own photos?
What do you do about it?


PS Even if a cat is the answer to so many questions in this world, I somehow don't think one getting close and personal with the camera is the answer to this particular question DS


DahnStarr said...

Pictures, pictures, pictures! Yes, I have far too many of them. In my camera, on several camera cards, on flash drives, on disks, in my computer, printed loose photos and those that have made it to photo albums. I often wonder if they will be as important to anyone other than myself, not that I'm going to stop taking them. (grin)

Elephant's Child said...

While your cat, my cat, any cat are not the answer to many questions they can still brighten even the darkest day. I am, mostly, on top of my photos. I download them and sort them within a day or two of taking them. And there are still too many.

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