Friday, December 21, 2012

grumpy friday

despite the fact that i inaugurated a couple of 'make today awesome' earrings today (more about them later) it was a truly crappy day. and none of it my doing.

~ despite being in very good time at the bus stop, apparently the bus was so late i missed the train. that rarely happens. the trains are late often, the buses hardly ever.

~ not terribly late to the doctor, but still annoying i was late at all. no abnormalities in test results, more tests in january, i got the distinct impression she kind of feels i'm sort of a hypocondriac. which of course makes me both angry and sad, apart from this year i may visit a doctor possibly once a year, for a terrible flu, no more. i don't like doctors, i stay away and i'm not a fan of talking about aches, pains and symtoms. well, i rarely have any, until this year, and for that i'm truly grateful. until this year.

more medicine, go have some tests, call me after the holidays.

~ a much awaited sprucing of hair appointment was cancelled upon my arrival at the salon, since hairdresser, poor thing and it wasn't her fault at all of course, got sick.

i on the other hand was so sick on my long bangs, that i took a scissors and cut it off by some 7 cm when i got home. i look like five year old me. wish i was as carefree happy as i was then too.

~ the simple errands i was to run basically all went wrong, a gazillion stressed people on trains, buses and in shops. consumerism flourish.

~ not even having a pastry helped really, to make up for an otherwise crappilicious day.

tomorrow is another day - as today wasn't the end of the world. though i wouldn't have minded that, honestly, this abused planet deserves a new start - i hope it'll be a better one. a good one. why not a really awesome one.


Elephant's Child said...

Aaaargh. What a truly dreadful sounding day. The pastry looks amazing though - as do the bobbaloos.

Unknown said...

You have had just a terrible time with your health this year! Hoping the new year will give you some relief! Have you ever been tested for food allergies??
Have a nice Christmas and good luck in the new year!!

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