Friday, December 14, 2012

happy one year birthday, ztina and zigne ~


a year ago two little adorable girls were born. one white, one red.
the white one of course turned colourpoint and the red one stayed red.

it was a pretty worrisome first week or so.

but after that they've only brought joy and sweetness. and a bit of nuisance, since they are unmistakenly first grade tykes. sweet natured, but mischiveously so.

ztina enjoys sneaking into rooms were she's not invited, she loves to sniff out honey jar lids and pencils to carry with here to her "secret" stash under the armchair. she loves to sleep in a pile with her little sister, grandmother, auntie, and mum (when she's not annoyed with her daughter).

while zigne talks a lot, purrs a  a lot, has a tail like a teapot ear. she enjoys to play with teabags, old or new, when you turn your back to get the warm water the teabag may have disappeared from the cup when you turn to pour.

the happiest of birthday to you both,
i'm so glad you decided this was the household to turn up in,
that you are you and
that you firmly thought it was an excellent idea not to move.
the cutest of sweethearts.

(please ignore crazy cat lady as seen behind zigne in pic)


Poppy Q said...

What cuties, they look very grown up.

Julie and Poppy q

Pia K said...

comment from elephant's child that blogger for reasons unknown didn't let me publish -

All three of you are beautiful. Happy birthday to ztina and zigne. And many, many happy returns.

Unknown said...

So cute! How the time does fly!

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