Wednesday, December 19, 2012

short people in red coats

iphone 17 2012 2824

Ever since I saw the - pretty good - movie "Don't look now" years ago I can't help but thinking about kill-crazy dwarfs whenever I see short people in red Little Red Riding Hood coats.

When we stepped out from a cafe in Budapest, nearby the Christmas fair market square, this little woman in a red coat was the first I saw. Obviously I had to post the snap on Facebook, with a warning about the murderous dwarf from 'Don't look now' roaming the fair. A movie buff friend was a bit impressed with my sighting and I said "Well you can imagine my excitement when I spotted her lurking there...!" 

- his follow up comment to that was "As I recall Donald Sutherland was excited to spot her lurking too, and it didn't turn out very well for him!". Luckily I did survive (touch wood) to tell.

Another movie I quite enjoyed with reference to 'Don't look now' is "Unconditional love", a well-played, musing little piece.

Do you have any movie characters that spring to mind whenever you spot a certain type of person, dressed in a certain way?


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