Monday, December 10, 2012

vegetarians are more intelligent

spicy heart

why am i not the least bit surprised about the conclusion of this study on intelligence and eating habits...

also kathy freston's tedx talk is a good thing to watch on this subject.
lean into it, stop being stupid and a hypocrite.

which in some ways brings me to spam, spam, spam. upon nice requests i changed the comments on blog to no word verification needed. i did so hesitantly since even with wv AND moderation there are issues with spam nastiness. but hey, who knows, maybe it'll be okey with just moderation?

over night i got +20 spam comments, and more coming in during the day. if it continues it's just not doable, neither energy- nor timewise to not have word verification, sorry about that. or well, we should totally blame the nasty spammers for wasting our time and energy.

i've set the comments to 'approve new commentators/sign in'-mode. perhaps that will work. fingers crossed. - edit a few days later; so far so good i think...

leaving comments should be easy for good people, such a pity that we have to abide to the nasty spam people's rules... i bet you they're not vegetarians!


Angella said...

I'll bet they're not vegetarians also!! Comment leaving is not a hassle...word verification or not. Some tasks are worth extra effort. :)

Elephant's Child said...

I do hope the spam eases up. Sadly given my eyes and my hands word verification is an issue, and some days it takes at least three attempts before I can leave a comment.
I will understand if you have to revert.
While vegetarians may be more intelligent, we are not necessarily more ethical - Hitler leaps to mind.

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