Thursday, December 06, 2012

carmina burana

opera is very much not my cup of cultural tea. but seeing glimpses of a very special set of 'carmina burana' featuring seven 80 years old ladies on stage telling their stories of great losses and great loves, i knew i had to see it. when it got rave revues too it was good to know we already had gotten tickets.

front row seats, practically ON stage it was a special experience (even if it wasn't the ultimate way to enjoy/see the performance). loved the music and the women's stories, very moving. wish their stories would have played an even greater part of the set. did not enjoy the theatrical opera singers (one with very badly groomed feet. yes we were that ridiculously close to stage), as i never do.

when we walked to the train after the show, in a stockholm the day after the snowstorm hit, a lonely saxophone was heard playing in the night. magical.

all and all a nice evening spent.
do you enjoy the opera?

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Elephant's Child said...

I would have loved the life stories, and been less fond of the singing. One of my new friends is an opera singer and I so hope that she never invites me to a performance. I would have to go, and I have no idea what I would/could say to her afterwards.

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