Saturday, December 08, 2012

a weekend morning start

this autumn/winter we've come to enjoy a *new* way to start the saturday (or sometimes sunday); having breakfast, reading the morning paper/doing fun work at a city cafe.

it happens far from every weekend (and it begun before the big troubles with the no broadband happened) getting up early is not my forte, but still every second weekend counts as a sort of routine, right?

window seat, soy latte, innocent smoothie and a veggie bagel, that's how i like to start my weekend morning (if i'm in the mood to get out of bed early). in the company of bobbaloos too. of course.

how do you like to start your weekend morning/s?

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Elephant's Child said...

I like to start every morning with a cup of chai and a wander around the gardens with the cats, seeing what is coming up, and attempting to protect it from the self same cats. Love (as always) the bobbaloos.

Thank you for removing word verification. I am very grateful.

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