Thursday, June 26, 2014

hipster cordial

hipster cordial

I've been meaning to make my own elderflower cordial for years, but every year I miss the bloom and besides I'm not really sure where to find elderflower in my hoods. But one day...

Elderflower, alongside rhubarb, is my favourite cordial. Summer and freshness in a glass. I had a really lovely glass of it the other day, a pure hipster cordial from the deep south hipster hoods of Stockholm, Södermalmsfläder.

hipster cordial

In the company of bobbaloos though, you can never only just sip a coffee, tea or cordial and such, you always need to make it a proper fika-moment. So we had pretty fabulous sourdough cardamom buns too. Hipster buns. Which went splendidly with hipster cordial of the elderflower kind of course. Cheers.

PS The corner shop to the right in the top photo is the one where linen coat 2014 was obtained. Ie a lot of good stuff in those hipster hoods too DS

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Elephant's Child said...

Elderflower cordial, elderflower wine are things I have been reading about for years. Some day I would love to try them.

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